~~Georgia Tbilisi~~:)

Ahhh–ohhhh I almost forgot my way here I think! hmmppp I’m in trouble I can see it!
Anyway guys pardon me for being such a distance the past month I think:( I been through a lot, from disappointment to now the success. Right now I’m here in the land of my new beautiful nation, my new lovely country the land of everything for me, the United States of America. Why I’m here? I’ll let you later on my next blog.
How are you guys? hows things here? I know I miss a lot, and I’m just having trouble to get things into shape the past mont but now I feel good with my lucrative news and that would be reveal in my next article.

I give my gorgeous husband a break after a few hours in shopping mall, so his sleeping right now snoring, and probably dreaming of a huge fat SALAMI:) other than shopping which for him is the most boring un-iniresting way! but you know woman’s loves shopping… And if you say that you don’t like shopping as a woman! then I think you have to think it again my friend.:)

Anyway a little over a mont ago my husband and I went to Tbilisi Georgia, it’s not because of vacation but because of a business trip for him. My husband asked me if I would like to go with him! I thought it is in Georgia USA but I’m dead wrong because it is between Turkey and Russia, and I said why not I would love to escape Prague for a week and look forward to the new culture.

The Following photos are in Georgia Tbilisi, so folks have fun.:)

Tbilisi town of Georgia.

A side walkway, next is an ongoing rebuilding.

A photo from above of our hotel.

I must admit that their food are mouth watering, t may look funny sometimes but once you've taste it, it is yummy baby.:)

looks funny but tasted good:)

"Freedom Square" for my few days of stay in Tbilisi I've learned a few intiresting stuffs. Like I found out that Georgia was under by persian decades of decades ago, so the King of Georgia asked helped by Russian to fight the Persian, and when Georgian got their freedom from Persian, Russian took over the country of Georgia and they are on war up till year 2006.

Night scene

It reminds me of Philippines that seems like every sidewalk has a sidewalk vendors.

I have problem in Georgia, I have trouble crossing the streets because I hardly see a crosswalk, but to go the underground which I'm kind of not like it.

Government office

one night when my husband and I went to a Restaurant, a boy maybe about 10 years old asking for money. so my husband hand him a few coins, and then all of the sudden a school of kids came by and started to tie their hands next to my husband and mine both legs, grabbed my husband hands for him not to walk right way, and the little girl hold tight my hands, one hand started to hold my hand-bag. It's just unbelievable and it's shocking for me at those point.

about 500yrs old of Sanctuary Georgia, amazing:)

Tons of damage that need to rebuild again, and now Georgian are trying to move and restore everything they can.

Lets go back to food.:)

They cooked your bread just next where you can see them, awesome:)

I recommend this side caffe they are really good and the price is reasonable.

The caffe that has a yummy dessert, breakfast to offer:)

Theres a soup inside and its really tasted good if I spell it right i think it is called "Khinkali"?

I have more photos to provide you guys about Tbilisi Georgia and I promise I will do more in the next time.:)

Again I hope you folks have a wonderful weekend with romance of course, and see you soon God Bless y’all xxxx:)

Blogger Yen2x:)


7 thoughts on “~~Georgia Tbilisi~~:)

  1. I agree, I am a big foodie and the food totally crabbed my attention:)
    Looking forward to your next article to hear the reason of the move. Also want to say your so lucky your husband invite you on his business trip. Mines don’t. Mines always say business is business, when he get back home we do something together. He always separate business and private life.

    • I’m still here in US done some road trip from Washington, DC to the Amish country, to here in New York.:) I’d like to grab some few minutes to post a short blogging update but our time here are very limited. I’m with my in-laws family having fun enjoying every moments as possible.:)
      When I go with my Husband during his business trip is a big plus for both of us, he goes to work while I do the tourist stuffs:) the important is you and your hubby still doing some quality time together.:)
      I’ll do more posting soon once my time will be unlimited.:)

      Best regards:)

    • Your welcome, I’m glad this article caught your eyes.:)
      I hope your Son and you would like Tbilisi, in few weeks maybe is annoying but well get over it.:) so far the People that I’ve meet there was good, and polite with us specially the people who work in the company where my husband work! They introduced us to the Georgian cuisine and some of their cultures.
      And opps if you love bargaining? Tbilisi is best, I bargain there a lot hhehehe:)

      hope to hear you.:)

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