Weekly Photo challenge: Color

Hellos y’all all how are your weekdays so far?
About mine is nothing much except that the closest it gets to the weekend is kinda exciting for me and that’s a BiG SeCreT for now, and if it works good according to plan then it will be awesome and I’m proud to announce here soon.:)

Anyway I have this photos I think a week before Christmas of last year, for my color theme. But I haven’t post right away cuz idd like to put my name in each photos I have. So I asked my friend in college on how to do it without using Adobe, and good thing he replied me after a week I think. And I found the answer and it’s pretty easy and simple “Pancit” in my language!

In my perception Colors for me has a big rule in our each life. I have a co-worker a Czech woman when I showed her this photos! She’s amazed it and she said that she love my art works of photographs! She asked me the reason about the photos! I said it’s theme about colors. She said that when she’s sad she wore Black. When shes happy she wore darker. When she need energy she wore Red or pink, and when she’s in-love white is her best.:) hmmm sounds interesting right?

For me colors is about emotion for me, it’s not because I am in-love or what, but it’s an emotion that push me to connect the minute I saw it! Am I sound clear? But I know you know what I mean!

Anyway enough that long run of words, I don’t want you get bored cuz even me I don’t know where to end my explanation, but all I know is I love colors, I love feeling my emotions and I love putting and bringing colors in my daily life.:)

Best regards,



















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