The Beauty of Czech Republic Europe

Hi y’all folks,
How are you’re Christmas Holidays. I wish everybody here reading, to all the bloggers, and those who celebrate Christmas are having a brilliant good time together with each families and love-ones.:)
Myself, my Christmas is quite sad but at the same time it was awesome and Lovely together with my beautiful husband. It is sad for the fact that my home town in Cagayan De Oro City Philippines was been attacked and devastated with the typhoon. At the end the typhoon won and leaved hundreds of Families house’s are gone, tons of families lost their Love ones last Dec-16-2011, and thats the reason why I felt so blue the fast couple of weeks. My family back home is in good shape, the town where my family is safe and sound. Anyway I will state more about the typhoon on my next article.

This article is about Czech Republic where I’m currently now! It’s just all of the sudden Czech Republic bumped to my pretty little head, and I just realized I haven’t done any posting yet about this neat pretty country of Czech Republic part of Europe.

Czech Republic or Czechoslovakia is part of the Soviet Union. Being part of Soviet Union Czech Republic during those times is longing none other than but FREEDOM! The Country was been freely year of 1989 during the downfall of the Russia. One thing I noticed the moment I found out the Czech reached their freedom in a way of good communication, without using a bloody fight to attain the success but instead it ends with good freely sacrifice in a Velvet Revolution. During my couple of days roaming around the City of Prague I noticed front of the big Museum there is a Tomb on the ground that caught my attention! Few flowers around the Tomb, few People stopping by to light a candle with a prayer! I thought it was their love ones who was run by car or an accident occurred in the area but I’m dead wrong! I found out one of the young man who are part of the hundreds protesters, a student of one of the Czech Republic University sacrifice himself! He light-up a fire of himself in front of the people in the square, yelling that he is willing to die, and to sacrifice himself in order to get freedom a freedom of his own country, and a freedom to his fellow Czech Citizens here in Czech Republic.

He died and the people of Czech Republic considered him as one good hero, a true good hero here in Czech Republic. In 1989 the Czech was been happily declared free from Soviet Union, and the early of 1993 Czechoslovakia and Czech Republic peacefully fragmented. And now Czech Republic is now just a new born Country almost 19 years own freely country as one of Europe continent. Czech now has their own freedom which is freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to vote, and a freedom to leave freely.

Czech Republic is known for their handmade crafts! From assembling glass, woods, and also the big demand which is high in the market the Bohemian Crystal. I myself collect Bohemian Crystal and I know you might say that it is a waste of money to collect Bohemian Crystal! What for? Will all I can say is by staring my few collection it made me relaxed and calmed! Sounds crazy but that’s what I believed.:)

Aside for Czech handmade! Czech is unique in terms of their food Czech cuisine. I admit staring of the food is not entertaining through my eyes. I don’t like the red cabbage, the over dumplings on almost every food on the plates, the circled dough that for me it is very heavy, their dessert that I don’t understand. But you know what? All of them tasted dam yummy good! I have one Czech woman friend that introduced me to the traditional Czech food. She showed me the pictures and the next morning she brought me one. It is dessert bread that has tiny circle thing on it (“,”) pardon me I can’t recalled the name. It looks like an UBE fruit but she said it’s not! Which is I believed because the taste is different from the UBE, but anyway don’t sweat to ask me the name all I know it is yummy and actually right now I’m craving for it! I did try to buy one at one of the supermarket, but the taste is different than what my friend brought me not just once, or twice but 3 times she give me. I asked her where could be possible can I purchase the bread? because the taste in other supermarket is not good though it looks pretty much the same but the taste is different. She told me that I can get it in any Czech Bakery or any of the Czech Restaurant as they know how to cook Czech traditional cuisine.

The following photos are here in Czech Republic from the old town square to the museum and some parts of Czech. So far I have no good picture yet to the castle using my good camera. Once I get enough time I will try to visit the tourist spots like the Prague castle to snap few pictures.










7 thoughts on “The Beauty of Czech Republic Europe

  1. I had a co-worker who hailed from Czech Republic. He took pride in telling stories about back home. Lot of Historic buildings. Would love to see the country side too.

  2. Hi Yatin,
    Thank you for dropping by my page, appreciated it a lot.:)
    It’s neat to get chances of knowing traditional culture in each country, and I love finding their own cultures.:)
    I have some country photos but the quality of the ISO is quite not that good. I’ll try to upload sooner or another.
    Is your co worker still here in Czech right now?

    Happy New year,

  3. The Czech Republic is on my list to go one day. The photos are truly beautiful. Also sorry to hear about home town. I can totally understand how you feel. I am originally from Jamaica and twice each year bad tornado storms mess up our land with water and all. And of course it take many lives with them.

  4. Hi Yen Yen that was so interesting I didn’t know much about The Czech Republic although I have friends who came from there as children they excaped but it would indeed be worthwhile visiting.

    I’m pleased you had a wonderful Christmas and New year, I was thinking also that you might like to be nominated for the Liebster Blog Award, there are a few rules to follow but it’s a great way to encourage and meet other Bloggers.

    Requirements are listed on my page –

    Christian Love Anne.

  5. Hello Annie,
    Thank you so much for nominating my blog, appreciated very big.

    I’ll do more reading later when I get home from work.:)
    And how is your holiday by the way?

    Best regards,

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