A Fabulous adventure to Jackson hole Wyoming USA:)

Hello folks,
While at work it came to my mind about my 1st trip to USA. I do love, enjoyed so much my 1st trip to USA and I’m thinking to share few photos of you guy’s.

The following photos are taken early Fall season of year 2008. We first visit New York city, Connecticut New York, Nevada, Arizona then Jackson hole Wyoming. It was my first adventure with the wild Animals and the huge area of land. I do love to go back the place of Wyoming just to venture more and for me it is a great escape from a busy noisy cities.:)

The entire time in Wyoming, I was longing to see a wild Bear, Fox, or more wild Animals. But it never happen! so all I can say “will see next time who knows will have the opportunity again to visit the beautiful Jackson hole Wyoming.”

Better Luck next time for this wild Bear,
Bloggeryenyen 🙂

ahhhh it figures my ear feel something!

"Theres always a rainbow after the rain" Like a trials of our life at the end we found the solution of our each problem.:)

This is my funny Favorite photo. I feelt afraid the time I took this picture because thinking that it's in the road and very close-by to our car! The result the nose of my husband with the big Buffalo!:)

My Husband and I are in the car driving while this came up in the side of the road.:)

Lets play the hot water hehehehe

20ft of water eruption.

Wild Buffalo's

Buffalo's at the Geyser

A wild deers roaming around

An school of Elks

A lonely Elk

Buffalos Skeleton! I feel sorry but it is what it is:(

You can drive all the way and still you seen the huge huge farm land of USA.:)


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