Government Officials please hear my simple dream wishes for my home town!

I grew up in a very busy, traffic environment in Cagayan De Oro City Philippines. So seeing Jeepney, Motorcycles, Tricycles, Taxis, and more is not a big deal for me because of those old days of my time there.
When I left my Country to jump into the new chapter of my existence with the man I choose to marry and be with for the rest of my time, my thoughts of objects around me went openly wide and have transformed in a lighter way. My conclusions changed and my emotions began to accept the reality between rights and wrong about Government, Politics, and more crucial errors or crucial entities that highly needs attention right away.

Many people wish they could live in Europe. Especially if your housing is part of your contracts, free tax, and hey living here in Europe is a feeling of having a luxurious vacation.
As I noticed here in my current area right now which I love the most is the very friendly transportation. You don’t really need a Car around the city because Tram and Train is an easy way to get through in and out. The benefits are less traffic and most of all less hassle during your daily routine.

In Cagayan De Oro City which is my home town the primary transportation is Jeepney. I remember back in my college days it was really a very annoying ride for me. The funky annoying music in the jeep is very loud, but I have no choice but to deal with it in my busy daily routine. Especially that my travel time is about 45minutes to reach the main City from my house and I did it twice a day.

The Picture is taken by my college Classmate. The Picture was in CDO the area where I used to go everyday of my College days. Behind the building is a big University where I went to College named "Capitol University."

I reminisce one day visiting my home town for my short vacation. I was in a Taxi in the middle of a very heavy traffic area of Cagayan De Oro. My mind is longing for a Europe road way. That I was in a Tram or in a Train, no hassle and no worries even more. I wish the Jeepneys, motorcycles, and tricycles, turned into a 2 way lanes instead of 4 or 5 lanes. Though having 2 lanes can still occurred traffic but it helps the flow of the road. I wish this kind of transportation would stop only at their designated stops and not because the passenger wants to stop. I wish this could happen soon in my home town. I wish one day the drivers would follow the rules to avoid the heavy traffic in the area. If it is only 2 lanes then it should be followed and won’t become into 4 or 5 lanes to avoid the heavy traffic, and feeling like sardines would never be experienced.

This picture was in Davao City. Night time.:)

I wish that the Government officials will claim and take action seriously. Though in my mind it would be impossible to take off the Jeepneys, motorcycles, and tricycles inside the city and change it into Trams or Trains all over the Philippines. At least the Government could do something to solve the primary problems in the road.

I hardly count how many times I ride this Motorcycle transportation.:)

If you dont want to walk from my house in Philippines to the area where the Jeepneys are! this "TRISIKAD" is the best way to hoop-on.!

: Pedestrian Crosswalks all over the Philippines, especially in the city.
: Tricycles are not allowed in areas of heavy traffic in the city, or on the highways.
: A special road for bikes, and they should not be in the city racing with the public transportation in the highways.
: Jeepneys should have an assigned stop. Passengers only get on and off at the designated stops to avoid blocking traffic.
: Sidewalk vendors are not allowed, to keep the city clean.
: Flea market spaces for the sidewalk vendors to keep them off the streets and not blocking traffic.
: Police should be visible 24/7 in the city to watch out for and to deter crimes.

Seems like my wishes above are very simple and easy to implement, but why after decades and decades my wishes above haven’t come true yet? Are the wishes above really that hard to claim? Or just because the Government is full of Politics?
If my Government would make the first move, I am pretty sure people would have no choice but to follow the rules. Yes all of the Nations that involve in the society should have to make the move. Not just to wait the government to do the first step, but remember that’s why our Country was run by Government politicians for them to manage what is right and wrong and what should be the best way to improve the City!
I know for a fact that Philippines are not like the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, and some other countries that are rich. It doesn’t mean that if a country is poor it has the right to not be clean, do not follow the rules, and has no discipline in the high ways. I know you know what I mean so please don’t just be a reader and just acting you haven’t seen the problem at all. I really don’t know if my country matured enough to implement the problem. I just wish that my Government would hear, listen, and command what I’m wishing for.

One of the major public Transportation in CZ Tram.

Inside the Tram. The Woman said: Lets stop here! The Man: Said no were now allowed to stop here, The next stop well be there!

One of many Flea-Market here in Czech Republic

If your in budget, I think U can find a good price "second-hand" tools in Flea-Market.

good tire plus good price = perfect

Its all over the city:)



6 thoughts on “Government Officials please hear my simple dream wishes for my home town!

  1. Hi Yen Yen loved this post and how you end it with “best of luck”. I agree what your asking for or wishing for is not so hard to do and actually logical. I am sure higher people in office have to also drive on the street in the Philippines as well. But it seems like when one is accustom to something they take it as normal and don’t seek change or afraid that people will not like change even when it will be a positive effect. Perhaps if more people not only voice there concern but write to head people in the Philippines office change can occur. People say it take one person to make a change but I say it take many…one is just a start.

    • I heard many people in my country dont like changes as it affects it to their own living. But if my Government does the first move I think this people who are Jeepny drivers could possible get a good living morethan they are earning right now. But again inside of me I believed it is more on politics and corruption I think.:(
      I’m trying my best to forward this word somehow to the Government but I know I am so dull and no enough strength to do it. First I’m very far to the country.

      I dont know:(

      • Don’t give up and your not dull at all! Don’t you have family and friends there that can write also to the government and petition them or does it work different than the process of America?

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