“Thanksgiving day and its Turkey time show”:)

“Happy Thanksgiving.”,

I would love to forward the good smells of Turkey to United States of America, to the Americans, to those who believed Thanksgiving, and much to those who celebrate the said event.
When I look at the world I am pretty sure that I have tons of reason to be thankful off! Despite of the agony and tragedy of my life this year! I myself considered still very Blessed at the point that things with us are in good shape right now. And there’s nothing more I could ask but just,
***my continues successful healthy marriage***
***for those having trouble bringing food on their table***
***and much for those fellow folks that longing for the healing power of their illness. ***Specially to my Mom*** May God hear our prayers.:)

My husband and I celebrates our 6years together of “Thanksgiving” and again even though we are miles away from my Husband homeland, which for us celebrating holidays away from families are very much quite different scenario.

I was working all day so my husband does all the cooking stuffs while I’m at work. This is the good part of working such an American company, is that mostly you can get the Holidays off work like Thanksgiving! So my husband is very lucky for that.:)

When I got home the following photos dazed me up. I already knew that my husband is going to cook dinner, but the set-ups or the seating shocked me up with the romantic movie background. For me it is a very romantic Thanksgiving dinner just for the two of us.

Happy Happy Happy Turkey y’all,

It dazed me the minute I entered the living room:)

The looks mostly matters to Catches attention but at this time the TASTE inside are MOUTH-WATERING. Good job my love;)

White Broccoli! Baked crispy spicy.:)

pumpkin pie and yes tasted soo good.:)

Baked sweet potato.:)

The main dish Bake Spicy Turkey:)

I love sweet dessert with milk it’s just perfect for me:)

A good smell of the scent makes me feel good.:) he just bought it today while I'm at wor


10 thoughts on ““Thanksgiving day and its Turkey time show”:)

  1. How very blessed and Loved you are Yen thank you for sharing your wonderful surprise, only problem is I must have put on a few Kg looking at your dinner, loved the background and candles but my Joy is in that you have such a caring Loving husband and that he has you to support, uplift and encourage him in all he does, you are both indeed blessed.

    Christian Love Anne.

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  3. Hello dear Anne,
    Thank you for your sweet words.:) My husband is my hero and I can’t explain how lucky I am to have him as my partner in life and Thank you to God is not enough.
    The problem of me on this kind of Holidays are pretty much same on you! Because I could easily put on weight to “Pounds or Kilograns” which we all know its bad specially when your over ideal on “BMI.”

    Best regards and may you have a Blessed weekend,

  4. First off I love your tree and Santa. I collect Santas and happy 1st Advent. I saw you have your Advent wreath out as well:) Your husband made a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner. You are are such a lucky woman. Everything looked nice from beginning to end.

    Yen Yen I am interested in the crispy broccoli receipt please. I have never heard of it until now only steam and boil.

    • Hello dear,
      I dont know how my husband cooked the broccoli but I think ge bake it i’ m not sure. He told me ge bake it, sprinkled with few seasonings. I’ll ask him later about the cooking process when I got home from work.
      I was surprised that day with all the set-ups with the bunos Laundry are all done.:)

      Thank you for appreciating the works of my husband.:)

      Best regards,

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