Weekly Photo challenge- “Blessing”

Hi y’all folks,
How you doing? I wish all are in good shape safe and sound.:)
I been awfully freaking busy since last week at this time. Accidentally I got a job! The new job is killing my nerves! Not because I hate the job, but because I’m having trouble fitting myself into the old routine that I used to do for being a fully house wife for 3yrs since we moved here in Europe.

I’m having hard time joining my work status into Doctors appointment. My Doctor is checking my health status every now and then. For the reason that my husband and I yearning to bring a “little peanut baby” soon in our going 6years marriage. It’s complicated and if you’re interested about my “journey baby” you can find it to my old blog its http://www.dobry-topic-yen.blogspot.com.

Anyway today is a big day off Holiday here. Thanks God no work.:) My husband and I got-up early to start the day. I noticed the laundry basket is filled-up, and tons of cloths to iron. Good thing our apartment has cleaners so I found myself lucky at that scenario! I hardly go to grocery since I got the job and my husband doing it for me, which is I really feel bad about.

I love working, I love my new found job, I found working for me is so much fub, I found my job useful and I learned a lot. As I keep saying before I need something to do! I need a career to call on. And here we go God provide me the one which is very cool because it applied the stuffs I’m planning to do in the future.

I realized that a job industry brought us this huge rules of our life to enhance our capability of balancing between appointments, house chores, friends, marriage and of course our conversation to God. Sounds easy but I’m finding myself hard trying to fit-in things around. I can’t just escape my work and go to my Doctor appointments. After work I feel tired dropping to the grocery market or doing laundry, house chores, exercise, and at the same time to have a romantic dinner talk to my husband to keep the spark so the flame work all day long. Because first thing I would like to do after work is to lie down and snore. But I considered myself lucky enough! And again I’m thankful to God for providing me this precious time to spend quality time to my wonderful husband! as I keep in mind I rather want to lost everything than to lost my marriage which I considered my life, my breath and my soul.

Any way enough those drama of me I came to post this wonderful photo that I took from NY USA and I count it blessing for me. To have this near in your backyard is pretty neat and fantastic I bet. Every time I feel spent and drag out, all I would like to do is to escape the heavy noisy cities. All in my mind is thinking this beautiful picture to relax, have picnic with my man, and nothing to do but to stare the flow of the water, with the different noises like Birds singing, the wind blowing, and the romantic moments together. 

I love staring the flow of the water and feeling the mist of the water.:)

to have this beautiful falls near to your erea is counted blessing.:) @NY USA


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