Unexpected snowstorm in October around Southern and Central New England, that ruined the community.

Hello folks,

Saturday October 29 the three girls including myself went to the heavy rain for a shopping episode. We both excited, pleasurable, in short HAVING FUN!:) We lasted about 6hours almost in the mall. Mingled, chatting, lunch; and almost we stepped in all of the shop inside the mall except the bath room hhhhaha. 🙂
When we got off the mall, the snow is already heavy and my Niece said it’s Snowstorm. For me it’s nothing! I’m used to it! I’m surrounded by snow since late 2009 when we moved to Europe.

While driving by the street road! We encountered heavy traffic, few cars, snow on their windshield splashed to our windshield, few trees fall down into the Electric post wire, hard wind, we saw a man riding his bicycle to the road of a heavy snow, and people are crazy.
Until all of the sudden it becomes dark all the way to the road of the house. Police officers are there to. When we reached the house, my husband told me that his taking photos to our 2 little nieces with my 2 sister in-laws playing the snow man and sliding having fun. And the electric power went off until my husband and I went back to our hotel as for the bed time.
Good thing right in the middle of the night the Electric power went on, where the area of our Niece place, which made us glad because of the kids too.

After a few days my husband and I have to drive from Connecticut to Boston. Good thing I recommend to have an early breakfast first at “Dinners in CT” before hitting the road. In “Dinners restaurant there are tons of people and we heard they are from the next county because they have no Gas, can’t cook, and no heat.
While in the car. I am yearning for a pumpkin spice or the French vanilla! Plus the call of nature the “BATHROOM.”:)

The next exit where we thought we could get some Beverage!

Traffic light is not working

The minute we entered Manchester area, is also the huge traffic welcome us!

A long huge Traffic that went to 4lanes at that scene. This is the only Gas Station that has Gas still, and people driving from different town just to get Gas here.

After a few exit we opted to wait, and probably this area is not affected. But more worst!

here's what welcome us! ohh boy

I really need a Bathroom so freaking bad! or else I don't care I can be a dog!

what did you say? did I read it right?

Good thing the store is open for us to get a drink which my husband need Coffee so freaking bad!

what? you've gotta be kidding me!

no parking space. we park about 200meter from the store

Hopefully we got a chance and luck to this exit 🙂 crossed fingers and the foot please>:)

Is that a restaurant or a mansion house?

Ohhh thanks God:) now everything are available!

Now I know why I keep my word only on me! when my Niece said “It’s SNOWSTORM.” AND MY ANSWER IS I’M USED TO IT.:) because in my current location right now we hardly get those kind of Snow. People here could say that we have a hard snow! But maybe next time I’ll reply them “GO TO THE STATES THAT HAS THIS REALLY “CALLED HARD SNOW.”

I am content now! a lucrative feelings when things goes back to normal. After the rain we should always look forward for the arrival of the rainbow. We finely reached Boston safe and sound no MUST but should only FAITH and TRUST.:)

A blissful day y’all folks:)
It’s just me,
Blogger Yen-Yen


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