Whale watching at Gloucester MA USA 2011:)

Hello readers,
Time check 2:43 AM Europe time and yes I’m wide awake. I think its JETLOG lol

Anyway before I go to blahh blahh blahh I’m thinking maybe the following photos would be great to share with you guy’s.

The whale watching is one of my husband surprises or parts of his itinerary while were in New England area in America. I thought that we are heading for fishing which actually I really don’t like to execute because of the cold weather. When we reached the location of Gloucester MA, and saw the boat! I said NO WAY it is not about fishing honey! The boat is big and people are on queue to get in the boat.

I found out that it is about the Whale watching, when the organizer of the boat started to explain everything, which made me this “Tingling excitement of my body.” I know I did keep on bugging my husband before that, I would love to see a whale in person, not in the aquarium but in the open wide ocean and should be a wild whale.:)

I hope you enjoy the whale photos. And again forgive me for the limited photos. This time my camera isn’t that good to capture a faster shooter or an action one. I have the video which I could say it’s okay! so once I could get a chance to upload it in my yourtube.com account, assure me that I will let you know right away.

Have a Blissful Sunday y’all xxxxxxooo,

Thanks we have fun:)

I would like to ride this but ahhhhaaahh:)

The boat and its quite big:)

Tennis shoes required

Long queue for the boat

something going on

a school of birds from the feeding fish boat:)

After 3hrs! we finely got to see that tale of whale awesome:)

Feels goood to think they exist in your own eyes:)

sad to say theres only 400 of whales around the Ocean as it says they are endanger already.:(

hopr I could touch them:)

At that moment i am itching to have that kind of camera! so I can capture every second action of the whale.

At the end of the day lets hace some seafood:)

Do you need to count the calories once you’re hungry?


6 thoughts on “Whale watching at Gloucester MA USA 2011:)

    • Hello dear,
      Thank you for dropping by this post. It is indeed feels amazing to see the whales that close. As I recalled I think we saw 5types of whales too:)

      Best regards,

    • Hey Katherine, how are you?
      It’s been a long time since I read this article again. Hope to hear you again.:)
      I had my second whale watching again October of last year at Santa Barbara California. It only took us less than an hour to see those great whales, as there everywhere around those area.:)

      Best Regards,

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