Over the moon late Halloween photos.:)

Hello readers,
I finely programed everything after from a long trip to United States back here in Czech Republic. While scrolling photos from my trip I forgot to blog this Halloween photos. I know it’s over the moon I’m pretty much late blogging this Halloween stuffs, but I really like to post the following photos below. So have fun, and I will try to update and I’ll promise it won’t take long to update more photos. I’ll do my best to upload more photos from my new DLSR camera to my Laptop.

Have a gorgeous weekend y’all folks keep smiling.:)

I really Love to purchase that at those moment:)

Isn’t that looks yummy?

Heading outside Boston this little farm caught our eyes

Heading outside Boston this little farm caught our eyes

Have you seen this type of Tomatos yet? cuz for me it's awesome I just met this type one>:)

I just having fun of this I do really having fun staring at this one. Call me ignorant cuz I am at this time:)

That thing is good, from the smells to the taste yummm perfect for the weather.:)


7 thoughts on “Over the moon late Halloween photos.:)

  1. You have me missing the State right about now. I had to smile to see the island of dessert looking at the price tag. Don’t get me started on the hot cider, yen yen I miss that so much. It is funny things one never pay too much attention to they miss when they are no longer there.

    • Hi friend, I’ts really different by just thinking that everything we possibly want/need are in State. It’s a fact that we bought things in State that we hardly find here in Europe plus the language is very easy. I did have tried a lot of hot cider here but the one I have in State is the best for me specially the pumpkin Spice perfect.:)

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