Leann Rimes concert at St. Johnsbury Vermont USA October 2011:)

Hello readers,
How you folks doing?

I have no idea why my husband and I have to drive about 6hours from Marblehead MA to St. Johnsbury Vermont. My husband just said a few words that I would love his surprise to me. We started to drive and I enjoyed it so much specially to the pretty gorgeous scenery around New England, snapping photos are just few of my huge way of having fun.

I just want to throw a few paragraphs about Leann Rimes.
Leann Rime is from the small county of Texas United States. Since then she enhance her capability of singing which send her to the Industry of Music, and become the most popular singer in America through Europe and to the world.
Performing a concert is her best and part of her priorities is to perform in a small county like St. Johnsbury Vermont as it reminds her small root in Texas.

I found out that she’s actively supporting the Charity for homeless/abuse children. She’s has this good sense of humor and not a boring gal too.
Right then I much more admired her way of existence. She’s not just had this brilliant voice, pretty sexy gal, but also has this lucrative huge heart of her. She is such an overwhelming package to have being a human that God’s gift.

Pardon for my photos of Leann Rimes as my Camera is very small and not enough to sustain the need of ISO. It is what it is! I did all my best to capture the moments capable enough to see her cute little pretty face. I did take tons of Videos of her and I could say the videos are awesome. I’m going to update it soon but right this moment, I think photos are enough for now

Best regards, and have fun 🙂

I’m finding trouble uploading the videos here so I went through my youtube account and found easy on my part to download the videos. please click this link or copy and paste to your browser as it brings you right away to the video it’s http://youtu.be/xTV7vAIi6HU

Finely were here after the long drive:)

The Hotel where we stayed at and Leann Rimes with her crew gets to rest before the concert start.

Leann Rimes @ St. Johnsbury Vermont

Western Music of Leann Rimes

I love to listen her song:)

At Fuller Hall St. Johnsbury Vermont USA

Inside the Fuller Hall

I brought the Green one:)


8 thoughts on “Leann Rimes concert at St. Johnsbury Vermont USA October 2011:)

  1. The ISO might not be big enough but the pictures still came out decent. Plus the more important part is that you and your hubby enjoy yourself. Did Leann Rimes came out and shook hands aor sign things for some of the audience?

  2. Great experience and journey to your blog too! thanks for dropping by in my site
    about your request you can do it easily just click the facebook share box,Thanks for sharing i always look forward to your blog more power 🙂

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