Dream + Believe = Survive:)

Stay out of trouble

Bear in mind that Trouble is a pain in the neck so make sure that your aware on staying out of Trouble.

In Life always Aim and Target the High opportunity that might come along. Dream High and don’t measure your capability that you can’t do it! go furthere finish the end line. Very soon what you are dreaming and wishing for will happen and that is because of your strong energy of confidence to reach out everything. Don’t say it will come one day and do no action, because I believe tommorow never comes. Stay on the high and don’t stop eyeing the major stuff.

Try to Focus

In everything we do in Life, we should determine the Major rule and situation in order to reach that ultimate object. Focus and don’t let any one drag you down or keeping you away from the Ideal object you wanted to be. In short don’t let any Temptation pull you down to make you feel like a looser. Becasuse seeing you down and helpless is most doer’s big Accomplishment.

Try to exercise

After a long day of your routine. You need to excercise to release the stress out from your system. Give some time at least 30 minutes a day. Exercise your mind throwing the bad temperature on your Body in order for you to survive and to pump up your inmume system, and pull out any negativity unhealthy stuff inside of you. Because among all your Health is the most significant in this society.

Practice Team work

In order to reach the deadline of your Project. You need to rely your Team and your Team defend on you Vise versa. Without Team work surely you’ll be having trouble finding any communication on how to build the quality features involve. To reach the output of your program, Team work should be the best ideal procedure to follow, in order to step ahead the next level, and see the output program run.

Rely on your trusted friend to watch over your back

Now a days it is really hard to Trust People in our existence. In Friendship is very seldom that our friend is there and willing to help us. But why not try to open your 3rd eye and listen your heart, who knows there you’ll find the most Trusted Friend of your’s that you never think off. Now a days we need a Friend to listen our thoughts and help to ease our pain.

Save for rainy days

Okay here we are, you are vey good person. You wanted to help your Fellow Man when they are in need like Financial. So because your such a good buddy you hand your only amount so your friend would be save.
Or you have just recieved your Salary and now you are over wlemed spending your Money like water. Ohhh boy this is Bad and if you do Please stop it and start saving. Because what if the next month the Company you are working are in Financial trouble and they need Employeers lay-off and your one of it. Heres the Rainy days I’m pooking so Please save as long as you can.

Treat your self to rest and relax

Again after a long day routine, long month working. Why not get a break? get a Vacation for few days, go for a Massage that can relax you, treat your self in a nice Baseball game having fun with it. Go watch movie in the Cinema with friends or by your self, go to the river, to the beach, read your books, and just relax away from work and stress.

Try to Smile

After all the obstacles, and being busy at work. Even if your Boss holler of you. Just forgot it for a while take a long breath and just smile throwing the word “YES I CAN DO IT”.

Realize that nothing is impossible

With all this think positive that all is posible. That after the hard work the goal is easy to achieved as long as we know which the right track to go and follow. Keep on working with out hurting Peoples back and keep on dreaming. There later on you’ll realize that you just one step away in reaching everything you wanted to reach:) so please keep on going and listen and believed that you can do it, that everything could be posible if we wanted to with the big faith we have to our God.

Have a sexyful, bountiful, wonderful, and blissful day folks.:)


2 thoughts on “Dream + Believe = Survive:)

  1. Very entertaining! Congratulations on your new blog. Please remember to give credit to the websites, photographers and other blogs where you found these photos. That is good manners in the blogosphere, and in general. Photographers deserve respect for the work they do.

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