“Back to the Church of God”:)

The Church were my wedding at.:)

I exist in a Catholic religion as it is a major religion in my home land. I reminisce that my Mom is making sure that every Sunday is our visit to God’s house. Don’t take me wrong here! Every corner is considered the house of God especially here in our each heart defending on how we look at it!

Devine Mercy Church Philippines

Devine Mercy.

When time goes by I confess that we hardly visit to the church, my mom been busy all weeks. I even hardly talk to God! But one scenario crosses I found out that my grades in school is falling apart. Right then at my room I realized my errors. I cried tons for the forgiveness and the acceptance that I should accept and let God carry my burdens as his willing to take over my sorrows. And for the longest period of time my door inside my heart is closed the reason why God can’t get in and take care my life.

After that scenario I felt things went smooth, my grades went back to normal, and the storm simply disappeared with solutions right away. Until when I reach my college stage I found out my father has another child from another woman. Those stages are the feelings of cheating, and madness of my own family! I hardly seen my father the entire I grew up but I still forgive him for the reason that I wanted to fixed my broken family even at this minute. I know for the fact that my Mother has the reason also, why my family been broken! It’s just a long story.

meet my best friend for over 10yrs now! during our college graduation:)

I never blamed God for the agony of my family, I never asked him why!? Indeed my faith went strong and been proven because of my wonderful life right now according to my own perception with my gorgeous husband. Back in my college days is also the toughies stage for me. Family, studies, financial are the major sorrows of me. One day I met a friend who introduced me who become my best friend now for 10yrs already. She teaches me on how to read the bible. Yes I can understand and read the bible but what I mean is by reading it using my heart and my will of understanding to God’s beliefs. Right then my thoughts of sorrows and experienced went strong and the only location that I hang out with was Church.

This what friendship for sharing in rainy season:)

my best friend & I! during our side trip vacation. Davao Philippines.:)

The church delivered a huge help on my existence. One time I’m very mad because I don’t want to pursue my school knowing that my mom can’t sustain my studies anymore, but my mom is a very proud type of gal. Every time I need to talk with, the only one I go through was the Church talking to God as I know that it is the only way for me to breathe in again and to live continue every day of my existence. I never stop longing for happiness indeed my dreams sets me to focus the goal the goal of happiness every single day of my time.

love of love:)

When I meet my husband is the day he stepped in the church. He told me he was born in Catholic religion, even his baptismal was in Catholic Church. But since then until the day we met he never goes back to church to practice his religion. I keep on praying to God to use me as a reason for my Husband just to bring him back in church especially to you ohh God. Until one day my husband and I conversation brought me to joy! Joy because my husband finely said that he put God’s back to his heart. “I am very thankful I found you and become my wife” because of you I found God, because of you god become my friend again and become my wall, and because of you I keep my relationship openly wide to our God. It makes me content because 1 hour in church every Sunday is really a huge amount for me and for my husband to be thankful of every blessing we received from our each God.

The Church where we at every sunday:)


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