“Find out how pet changed my life”

Meet Ming-Ming on her 4 months old.:)

When I’m a Child my Parents never hand us the effort to introduce the Pets in our growing stage neither Dog, nor Cat or any pets. I noticed my younger Sister have this one Kitten, next I found out she has two, three, and then I stop counting, I don’t know how many are they during those time, I recalled that my Sister take good care her Pets, seems she really is enjoying around her pets, some point she share her own meals to the CatsJ, I saw her kissing, hugging them, talking her Pets, In short my Sister does lucrative care to her pets. She’s insane I said to myself it is ridiculous for me those times. I hate the outdoor Cats of my Sister because their Poops, Pees, and furs are everywhere too plus they always steal our food too ha-ha-ha YES it is.!

Now it’s my turned! One time a few weeks later living in Saudi Arabia, my husband’s wanted to know my perception about having a Pet, thinking to get a companion for me. I respond to my husband NO NO NO! I don’t think so, but later on I said OKAY send it here. My Husband friend gives us this Persian Girl White Hairy fur ball Cat like a snow ball we named the Cat Ming-Ming.

Ming-Ming is chilling out after her shower.:)

Ming-Ming with us every time we head for a road trip in Jeddah.:)

Bed time comes our bed room door is closed, actually we never locked our bedroom door but since we have Ming-Ming now I’m thinking might be she’ll jump to us. While the door is locked, the lights are off, the house are entirely quite. The other side of my instinct thinking about the Cat, sudenly Ming-Ming started to scratch our door, crying hard, my husband full-asleep already. I told my Man that Ming-Ming is crying hard I feel sorry to her, so he stood-up and open the door he brought her to bed, — I shouted what are you doing honey? Send her out this room she’s very hairy all over the bed, then I brushed the bed-sheets. I realized when I woke up the next morning My husband and I sleep together with Ming-Ming all night long. Now she sleeps with us every night, and I finally accept the fact that Ming-Ming really is a lucrative partner of mine while my Husband is at work. Ming is my best friend, my enemy too but most of the time she made me laugh, she made me relaxed when I feel stress in some certain stuffs.

The Cat in the Picture isTing. She's a new born Kitten when we rescued her, shes starving to death and sick.

Sad to say Ting died after about 7 months with us from her surgery infection, we burried her in our backyard. When Ting died I feel like I lost the nature of being a Mother to my Pets, it seems like I didn’t sustain my capability to raise any Animals.
Ting was such a sweet little Cat, she sleep hard in my lap while im playing my daily routine to the Laptop, she like to follow me all the time when ever I go in the house. She’s always be in my heart.

He is Tig, he was hit by a car and lost his front leg. Tig is now happy, living with my Sister Inlaw.

Daisy the black dog her owner abused her and broke her leg which she lost.

To end this article of mine about Animals. I can say that Animals for me delevered the big impack of my life being an Animal hater before during my young stage, and now I totally Love Pets.
I hate to see People mistreating Animals, Dogs, Cats or whatsoever. Animals are like humans too, When they feel threatend, they become dangerous to you. Like us Humans, we will do anything in order to save our lives from danger and strangers who want to hurt us.

Ming in her House.:)

Ming gets her X-Mas gift always.:)


3 thoughts on ““Find out how pet changed my life”

  1. Animals have a way of creeping into our lives without us realising. Lovely pictures of dear pets.

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog and make a comment. Congrats on 6 years.

  2. How long have you been running this weblog? It appears like you have a good web page right here and I will be bookmarking you. I’ll almost certainly submit this blog post to Reddit so that my followers can verify it out also.

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