“Every time a Fellow Citizen go to TNT, they Hurt their Country Man”

Here we go when I woke-up this morning it bumped to my head the word TNT, so I hook-up to this new Topic.

One time way back probably 2yrs ago in Jeddah KSA Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, my Husband and I got invited to a Filipina friend of ours Married to a handsome British guy, dinner to her House, knowing that there well be maybe an Ambassador from Philippine Consulate visiting to her house too.

As the time goes by the conversation goes about plenty of TNT’s under the bridged right now, and the Ambassador can’t come because of the problem. So I said speaking of TNT what is the meaning? I know what it is, but TNT stands for? And she replied it is “TAGO NANG TAGO”, wow makes sense, and everybody’s laughing.:)

Anyway here’s the root of this topic! Have you ever thought that once your Country Man committed this “TNT” stuffs you won’t get hurt or affected.? I’m not saying its bad but yes really it is bad, ohhhh boy yes it is pretty bad for my Perception, because I been the situation that I supposed to go to Kuwait 3yrs ago when my Husband got a chance to visit Kuwait as part of his Job, which during those time I am very energized, excited in view of the fact that I get a chance to see my Father whose currently those years working in Kuwait, after not seeing my Dad for long time, not getting the chance to witness my Wedding Vows as his 1st Child yes I do got the Itch to see him as possible as I can.

My husband and I submitted all the requirements to stay 5days in Kuwait, while my Husband working the day time I can be capable to mingled my Father then.

But all of those itch, plots and Imagination totally vanished as I did not get the Dam Visa stamp to my Philippine Passport. I remember it was the very awful, saddest, painful, and hurtful of my life during those times for me. Ohhh well I leave to it, there’s no such things can change during those scenario, this is what they call “It is what it is”. Again to go deep in this issue, few days ago I wrote the status of my Face book “Honest Folks pay the Price of the dishonest Folks” why? because we do get hurt, and I do hurt, paying the price every time I visit the certain Country, I need to apply the visa in advanced, and when I get to the Emigration Officer they look stare hard my passport, checking it hard if it’s really original while next window are already passing by me which for me grrr I feel embarrass even there’s no reason because my documents are all legal and original. Here’s the word again ohhh well Dam TNT it is what it is.

I do understand my limitation and rules; I do follow the Government because I’m scared to death to get in prison or detention in the Emigration for few hours or more.

Once you applied for a tourist visa in a certain country then do follow it. Follow and admit that you only have limited days to stay so instead of counting your days lift! Why not just having fun, enjoy the remaining days, and If you wanted to stay more! Make it in a legal way go to the Emigration of the Country then apply for additional extension days. But wait you’ll go say! I have to pay more it’s another expense! So what the heal you’re in those country? You’re in the vacation because you save your budget, then go back home work hard your ass so you can save more for your vacation again. Don’t be over stayed, and walking to the street with your mind and heart, your eyes sneaking, and your body avoiding the Police officer every time you see them in the Street. Hey Kabayan clear your conscience act according to a legal way, and then when you get caught your screaming for help from Philippine Embassy, and if things don’t get right your blaming the Embassy Government that their not working helping you out through! Common be matured enough it’s all your stupidity ok.

Why do Filipino need to get advanced visa to a certain country? Simple because TNT Tago nang Tago again, always over-stayed, submitting fake documents, lying, hiding the truth, and more illegal stuffs.

Why the American Citizen for example, British Citizen, Canadian, Some Europeans Country, and Japan don’t require advance Visa to travel in most Country.?

Again simple becuase they follow Government rules.:)

Ohhh before I head out guy’s don’t be sensitive according the Issues OK, you are welcome to say anything this is for everybody, say whatever you think is right.

Have a Lucrative day folks.:)



5 thoughts on ““Every time a Fellow Citizen go to TNT, they Hurt their Country Man”

  1. Nice start Yen.. 😀 I was also mad to those TNT, Hell yeah, when I was at the airport, Immigration kept lookin’ to my passport then to my face, then back again to my passport. It’s everywhere, like that, and true that the next lane was going through and us were always stuck in the desk. Seems that, we are paying for those TNT’s. There should be always someone to pay for other’s sin. 😦 Too bad, sometimes I asked myself why I born to be like us you know.. F******o. Holding passport same as those people who always break the law. We are suffering, so much!

  2. Hi Lovely Ann,
    House your rainy Sabota “saturday”?
    Thanks for dropping by:) I’m kinda not used to this site yet, but i’m trying though.

    Ashame to admit but yes it’s true! it’s sad to say but some of our Kababayan’s does TNT stuffs that hurt us like you and I, that are honest about this stuffs. I just hope it will stop in the future soon coz we know pretty sure it helps a lot to our country.:)

    • You mean Sobota? 😀 Well, I was just home watching movies with my hubby.

      Anyway, I was also working still to some pages for my blog. I am not used to it yet. 🙂
      About TNT’s, we are so affected because of them. Much requirement needed to submit even if we had already some which are very much important than they want. Hayss,,, That’s life. ;(

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