This is the way I introduced myself to you my readers.:)

Hey guys, I’ll just want to add this post to The Daily Post challenge today in order for me to answer this questions “Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you” from the  Daily Prompt: All About Me so here’s my Love note’s.:)

Hey, I prepared a snacks for you while reading my Love Notes. Dig in.:)

Hey, I prepared a snacks for you while reading my Love Notes. Dig in.:)

I am a Filipina/American, a pleasurable Wife to an American guy who exerts his excellent way just to produced a very Happy like me, and we do both willing to do whatever it takes just to work the Flame of our Marriage into success.

I came from a very simple Family. At young age I saw that life is hard, it’s not fair, so I work hard for my education, and every day is a challenged for me. From tears to fun, I choose to be me! From then I existed because of my only dreamed to see one of the magnificence creation of God the “world”.:)

I can get what I want, via my delicate tool box! Which are being me. I am who I am. I respect your private agendas, as long as your not stepping the private lives of others. I am Honest and deserving to receive your Honesty back! I Treasured Friendship a lot, I care People’s lives when they are in agony. I cried and welling to take over the pain for the benefit’s of my beloved family, and much more to my husbandjust to witness the joyful moments of them.:)

I can handle very lucrative enough to a bad boring condition! That for you to think is, you don’t want to belong. I handle it because I used to it, for the reason that I don’t want those particular scenario to get offended when I step out the Scene. In short I can handle another few hours to stay the very uncomfortable zone in my hours, what the Hick! I’ll just enjoy my scenery as for now, and I’ll sure that I won’t be back again. That’s me! Call me a “Big Pretender” In those kind of situations I don’t care. That’s how I exist too.:)

I opened my sense of thoughts through tons of stuffs because I have relevant reasons to talk about, from Cultural, Spiritual, from success Marriage to broken one, Emotional, Friendship, Gay, Lesbians, Financial, Sexual, Cuisine’s, and more.

I can dress-up good when it necessary according to the specific Scenario, like social mingle to Friends, Formal, and Casual Scenario or even to a Charity networks.
I am very much close to kids around me. I Love Kids and I do my best to make them calmed when they are on their crying stage.

That’s the way I am, so either you hate me, or accept me, it’s your choice! This is me, at first you find me thorny to go through friendship.
Why? Simply because I do pay attention, and turned my thoughts wide open first before I unlock my door to a certain things. 🙂

Nice meeting you readers God Bless us all:)

Why I created this blog and I titled it to “Chikawithyeneyes?”

Chika= In my native Tagalog Filipino language is an expressions of “Talks” Like talking about you, talking about stuffs, or talking about news of someone’s personal life. “Chika” Lets talk about stuffs with me “Yen-Yen” personally. This is how I figured out my blog’s title will be = “chika-with-yen-eyes

In this blog of “ is talking about everything, not just about myself, my life, me who become an expats from the Middle East, an average Filipina who traveled to United States as a tourist and now become a citizen’s of it. And now one of the thousands expat’s of Europe. Who suffered nothing about the cultures because this woman type of me is open-minded to a multi cultural invironment. In this blog of “ is also talking about matter that most people don’t want to talk about like Religions, Politics, and other crucial subject that need to brought up. “ is open to everything, to everyone beyond any limits.:)

My Passion’s?

I am in love of photographs, a freelancer, writing is my top Passion, fashion is in my top line. I’m a certified Interior Decorator, and I’m holding a degree of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

It’s my pleasure to meet you here folk’s, I hope you’ll get the itch to continue, and follow my journey here in my Blogging paradise. I well assure you that you wont get bored my stories, I well do my best to keep your thoughts moving because we have tons and tons to talk about. So lets mingle each other, and let our mind talk about anything as possible as we can.

Thank you very much, and God Bless you all.:)


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23 thoughts on “This is the way I introduced myself to you my readers.:)

  1. Hi bloggeryenyen, thank you for taking me into your home by subscribing to my Blog already I appreciate your honesty and look forward to walking with you awhile, I hope the journey will be rewarding for you too, I also look forward to learning more about your heart focus and the things that are important to you.

    I’m pleased you like the animations on my Stories their fun, God’s animations are all around us, yes indeed it is wonderful being a Child of The King of Kings and Lord of Lord’s.

    Christian Love Anne.

  2. How you doing Anne,
    I suppose to jog in the park this early in the morning. But we have sprinkled rain and windy start.
    Back then I’m checking my inbox and found your beautiful words.:)

    Last night while staring your active animations it puts me to search in site and I found the “gifs animation” they are so cute and lovely:) thanks I found another stuffs by you.:)
    When I’m in college I use to build animation projects from Flash program and PowerPoint. But then it is to much after married and I forgot those stuffs.
    I should play it again.:)

    Assured me that I’ll on the steps to follow your blog and thanks God I found you to start a new friendship here in our each blog.:)

    Have a Blessed day,

  3. Hi Yen-Yen, you have indeed a beautiful heart, thank you for making me feel special and wanted. I look forward to sharing with you too, animations I like, people I Love, but I do seek to stay animated for the Lord, how did you find my Blog? I’m very grateful that you did, you seem young but mature too and your words show your caring heart……

    You said….I am Honest and deserving to received your Honesty back, I Treasured Friendship a lot, I care People’s lives when they are in Agony, I cry and welling to take the pain for the seek of my beloved Family, and much specially to my Husband just to witness their Joyful day’s.

    When I came home today I was hurting (long story) and then you walked into my heart and dried my tears…God has Loving arms, He reached out to you because I needed to feel them.

    God shared an important Truth with me today, He showed me… unless we have Compassion for ourselves we won’t have it for others.

    Thank you Yen-Yen – Christian Love Anne

  4. Hi Anne,
    I found your blog by just looking randomly to the one blogger I followed.

    I’m glad that your a Christian too who served to our almighty God. I know everything are in reason to look at back every agony we have, but we know that every rain the rainbow is always there to make our day stunning with the shinny colorful rainbow.:)

    Have a blessed day xxxxx

  5. Hi Bloggeryenyen!

    Thank you for dropping by to my site and subscribing to my blog! I appreciate it. 🙂 I hope you are well and it is nice to meet you through blogging. Have a great day!

    Gracie xx

  6. Hi Yen-Yen, I too appreciate your focus and yes every cloud has a silver lining or after every Storm as you shared there is indeed a beautiful Rainbow.

    Sometime in the next few days I will look for a Story about the Rainbow for you with animations, I know I wrote a poem about the Rainbow too, I will post them for you on my Blog, as a thank you for the beauty I see in you. I don’t know how to link yet as I’m new to blogging but can I share your Blog address?

    Christian Love Anne.

    • Hi Ms.Anne, yes you can share it here in my blog. I do appreciated it thank you .
      I’m excited to see the rainbow blog, and i’ll share it to my facebook too so my friends in facebook might be checking your blog too.

      I’m also a new usser in this site and trying to fix-up the Thames of my page. I dont know how to put-in the “About Me, Archieve and photos” so I’m working on it.

      have a Blessed day,

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  10. My goodness! You’ve been on quite the journey so far. It’s really great to hear someone else’s experience coming from another place for someone like me who’s been in one place his whole life.

    • Hi Prose, gald to hear and nice meeting you.:) I love to travel from places to places but I hate the flying so freakin’ bad!
      In that case, I assumed that maybe you have the choice to travel, is just that might be you don’t want too?

      thanks for dropping by and regards,

      • Nice meeting you too 🙂
        What exactly do you hate about flying? Or is it just everything about it?
        Well, I’ve been to a few other states but I’m talking about travelling to another country! That’ll really be something.
        And no problem! Gladly followed 🙂

      • What I hate flying is, being stocked in an small chair on an airplane where all I get is the Jet Lag after those long flight, a boring flight, and a tiring flight.
        I mean you have the choice to travel outside the country.:)

        Have a good weekend my friend,

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